4 Benefits of Natural Gas Water Heaters in Bothell

4 Benefits of Natural Gas Water Heaters in Bothell

4 Benefits of Natural Gas Water Heaters in BothellWhen the time comes for a new water heater for your home, you have a number of options. One main choice is deciding between natural gas and electric, so getting well informed is important. Knowing some of the main benefits of natural gas water heaters will allow you to choose wisely.


Natural gas heaters are a lot more efficient than electric, so they’re less expensive to operate and cost much less in the long run. And unlike electricity, natural gas is abundant, less inexpensive and very clean burning.

Quick Heating

If you have a big family or your hot water needs are quite large, natural gas is again the superior choice. Water heats in half the time of an electric, allowing for more hot water usage in the same time frame.

Less Recovery Time

Because natural gas heaters take less time to heat the water, there’s much less recovery time after the hot water supply is depleted. Not only does this get you hot water again faster, but it minimizes the amount of energy needed to heat the tank. The quicker water can be heated, the less expensive the heater will be to operate.

Green & Clean

Despite what you hear from some political narratives, natural gas is America’s most affordable and reliable clean and green energy source. Wind and solar are neither affordable nor reliable – yet. The by-product of burning natural gas is carbon dioxide, which is needed by plants to thrive. We believe history will ultimately show that rising CO2 levels are caused by natural cyclical warming periods in the Earth, not the other way around. CO2 is a good thing, as is the burning of natural gas as an energy source.

Best Selection of Natural Gas Water Heaters in Bothell

For the best in natural gas water heaters for your home, call the heating and cooling pros at Washington Natural Gas. Our professional and reliable technicians are ready to serve you with fast installs and same-day repairs. Whether you need a new heat pump, furnace with A/C, water heater, air purification system or maintenance service, we’ve got the right solution for you. We also provide easy financing options, manufacturer rebates of between 17% and 23%, and assistance with obtaining state and federal tax credits for saving energy. Contact us today to discover why natural gas is the right choice for you and your home.

Best Selection of Natural Gas Water Heaters in Bothell

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